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Mission completed - Greetings from rustaveli prospekt, tbilisi. Broken front wheel now only has to carry me 20 km to airport. 10:12 AM Aug 13th from txt
In mzkheta. Last stop before tbilisi 1:56 PM Aug 12th from txt
120 km before tbilisi, invited by locals for food, drink and shelter. ... Gonna miss this hospitality in northern europe. 6:31 PM Aug 11th from txt
In kutaisi. Rain, some sun, cows on the streets, amazing landscape in lesser caucasus, rain again. and the rest like in a helge schneide ... 4:42 PM Aug 10th from txt
Checked in near crowded good old kobuleti beach after a welcome-to-georgia thunderstorm. 1:08 PM Aug 9th from txt
Taking half a day off in a town called of before returning to really high mountains. 4:26 PM Aug 6th from txt
Arrived safely in trabzon. 2:54 PM Aug 5th from txt
On another nice seaside camping site, 100 km before trabzon. 4:36 PM Aug 4th from txt
115 km along rice fields to osmancik. First thunderstorms upon arrival. 5:19 PM Jul 31st from txt
141 km through nomansland, now behind ilgaz. 3 more days until samsun and black sea. 6:05 PM Jul 30th from txt
Climbed up to 1348m above sea to gerede. Hospitality and landscape both awesome. 5:19 PM Jul 29th from txt
Cycled 115 km to d├╝zce. Today lots of sun, strong headwind, a good road and already 4 invitations for tea. We are starting to enjoy it. 5:16 PM Jul 28th from txt
Arrived safe at kocaeli, 80 km east of istanbul airport. Neither too hot nor too sunny. 11:57 AM Jul 27th from txt